Kevin Balbuena Life is Change with out letter “O”

It was the years 2020 March . I was in High with my friends and the teacher said to us that there were a first case of covid-19 in NYC and This will be your last class in building and we go to learn at home `.We take a as a game or not take it seriously Anyway were happy and excited because we think that all NYC schools is Finish. During at virtual Learning to me is was bed because I didn’t learn right and it to hard to learn and my apartment is to small and I have my sibling that is much to handle. There a lot of bad thing to talk about virtual Learning like that internet is failing and technical difficultly and privacy. But It take us safe from the virus-19. In November in Black Friday, me and my family went to the mall to get some deals. when we finish I was cvid-19 than I pass to my  family.  Thank God that My family is safe and healthy but I felt that I might die because that was a experience that I never felt ever in my life . sadly my friend and  aunt pass away   during this journey and but I know where there are and I need fight this Depression and get up  my life. My Expectation next year a great and better years than last years.

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