Assignment Details: (please print out and study with care)


An example of a comparison of two poems:


Poetry Anthology: 

FIRST STEP:  Select 5-10 poems that you have read this semester that you like, poems that you could call your favorites. Make a photo-copy of each poem (or retype)–and provide an accurate citation for each poem, then put them into an order, and then make a table of contents (be sure to put the reflection essay–below–into your table of contents).

SECOND STEP: Next, type a 2 page (minimum) essay in which you reflect on these three questions:

1. Why did you select these particular poems, and what they say about your poetry tastes?

2. What types of poetry did you like before the class started–and how have your likes/dislikes changed during the course of the semester?

3. What subjects, themes, and styles do you like, and how are these tastes reflected in the poems that you have chosen?

DUE DATE: NOV. 28, Wednesday–at the beginning of class.


Essay 1: Poem Explication:



Journal #6: consists of choosing a poem that you think is funny or humorous from the first 48 pages of Comic Poems and then describing what makes it funny–how does it work? (1 page, typed).


Journal #5: consists of defining “comedy” and then finding an example of comedy in Poems of New York (1 page, typed).


Journal #4: Write a one page minimum (typed, double-spaced) In PNY read to page 203 and then chose a poem that you think is musical or rhythmic and explain why it is musical.


Journal #3: Write a one page minimum (typed, double-spaced) response to a piece of public poetry. Or, alternatively, you can simply respond to a poem in PNY that uses concrete, evocative images. What makes the image work?


Journal #2: Define these terms: Assonance, Alliteration, Free Verse, Prose Poem, Occasion, American Renaissance (in literature), Harlem Renaissance (in literature), Victorian Poetry, Realism (in the arts and literature), Modernism (in the arts and literature). Then provide the title of a poem (from 101 Great American Poems) in which you see the term at work. 1-2 pages, typed.


Journal #1: First, you should complete the scavenger hunt paper. Then, after reading through your course packet, choose a poem, and in one paragraph, answer this question: what should you know about this poem? You will turn in the scavenger hunt paper, but you will not turn in the paragraph; you will read it in class.


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