Essay 2 and Extra Credit Journal Information

Hi Class,

First, I’ve posted the details for Essay 2–go to the “Assignments” tab and print it out. In addition, I’ve posted an example of a comparison essay under the assignment details.

Second, because we missed an entire week due to Hurricane Sandy, and because of our pace, we will end the semester with 6 journals instead of 8. In order to help students improve this aspect of their grade, I want to offer an extra credit journal assignment. This journal will get added to your journal/quiz grade. If you decide not to do it, you will not be penalized. Directions: for this one-page, typed journal you are to write about one of the poets that we have brought into class (Dave Edwards, George Guida, Monique Ferrell, Nina Bannett). This journal is meant to give you an opportunity to reflect on what you learned in class and what you thought about their performance and poetry. You can write about their style, their delivery, their philosophy, or their attitude–anything really. This Extra Credit journal is due on December 12th. No late journals will be accepted.

Third, here is the homework for next Wednesday, December 6th). Read up to page 150 on your Comic Poems book.  Then write the introduction and thesis paragraph for Essay 2. We will discuss this paragraph in class. And I will check to see if you have it and award homework points.


Prof. Scanlan

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