Hurricane News: Ways to Get Help and Ways to Help Others

Dear students,

Here is the CUNY support website page for various services if you were affected by Sandy and need help:

Here is a City Tech resource if you were financially affected by Sandy:

Hurrican Help For Students

Here is a City Tech counseling resource:

If you want to help others in need, here is a local website that lists several ways to do so:

If you have ideas, you may post them yourself, or you can send them to me.


Updated Weekly Schedule for the rest of the semester:

Week 10: (Oct 31) Journal #5 Due. Theme 7: Pattern and structure. Readings: Halloween Poems. Homework: write Journal #6 and make sure to bring Comic Poems to class.

Third Unit: Comic Poems

Week 11:  (Nov 7) Journal #6 DueActually Journal 5 due. What is a comic poem? Homework: readings tba, poetry concepts review and prepare for Quiz 2. Journal #6.

Week 12: (Nov 14) QUIZ 2Journal #6 Due. Discuss Poetry Anthology—what do you like when you say you like a poem? Homework: readings tba, write Journal #7. Prepare for Quiz 2.

Week 13: (Nov 21) Journal #7 Due. Quiz 2 Discuss Analysis Essay details. Homework: work on Poetry Anthology, readings tba.

Week: 14: (Nov 28) Poetry Anthology DueDiscuss Analysis Essay—what is good academic writing? Homework: write Journal #7 and work on Analysis Essay, readings tba.

Week 15: (Dec 5) Journal #7 Due and Analysis Essay Draft Due/peer review. Homework: edit/revise Analysis Essay, readings, tba.

Week 16: (Dec 12) Analysis Essay Due, Final Exam Review, Class Discussion: the future of poetry in America.

Final Exam: Dec 19

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