Homework for September 19

Hi Class,

Since we have quite a list of fun things for next week, I’ve posted it here:


  1. Terms to define:



–Free Verse

–Prose Poem


–American Renaissance (in literature)

–Harlem Renaissance (in literature)

–Victorian Poetry

–Realism (in the arts and literature)

–Modernism (in the arts and literature)

2. Journal #2: Define all of the above terms and provide the title of a poem (from 101 Great American Poems) in which you see the term at work. 1-2 pages, typed.

3. Read pages 41-80 in 101 Great American Poems.

4. Read Dave Edward’s two poems in preparation for his visit to our class next week.

5. Make sure to bring in your book: Poems of New York.

Email any questions,


Prof. Scanlan

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