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Essay 2 Details:



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Essay 4 Details:






3 Responses to Assignments

  1. quin73 says:

    Greetings Prof. Scanlan,

    This is Danielle from class 1121-5441. I figured out how to log on. I heard the music from Rocky in my head as it worked. Have a great weekend!

    Danielle Quinones

  2. Eliz A Beth says:

    Hi professor,

    I’m having trouble opening the essay 2 details. It’s saying there is an error with the file. Can you try fixing it please?

    Thank you,


    • Hi Elizabeth,

      I can open the document using both MS Word and Apache OpenOffice. If you don’t have OpenOffice, I suggest downloading it and trying to open the assignment details using it (the details of OpenOffice are in my course policy). To repeat, since this document opens at school and at my home using a variety of software types, I have to conclude that the problem might not be on my end.


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