Things to consider for Feb 14

Hi Class,

First: Happy Valentines Day (in advance).

Next: Here’s a recap of the homework for Feb 14.

1. Sign up and register for OpenLab

2. Read Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” (Readings)

3. Read the narrative handout (Readings)

4. Read pages 2-7 in Reading Movies (Readings)

And buy the book in the book store–this is the last time I will copy from the book and post to our site.

Also, consider the two film translations of Irving’s story: Shelley Duval’s and Tim Burton’s. It might help to think about different types of translations. The film scholar Linda Costanzo Cahir writes about three types of literature-to-film translations in her book Literature into Film: Theory and Practical Approaches (Jefferson NC: McFarland, 2006) 16-47:

1. Literal Translation: which reproduces the plot and all its attending details as closely as possible to the letter of the written work.

2. Traditional Translation: which maintains the overall traits of the written work (its plot, settings, and stylistic conventions) but revamps particular details in those particular ways that the filmmakers see as necessary and fitting.

3. Radical Translation: which reshapes the book in extreme and revolutionary ways both as a means of interpreting the literature and of making the film a more fully independent work.

See you Tuesday,

Prof S


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