The Portfolio and First Page

First Page of Research Essay is due on Thursday.

Try to get as far as you can by Thursday. Remember to begin the introduction by either a personal account of the place’s importance to you or by using a brief (precisely cited) quotation. Then work on an argument thesis (while X, I think Y). And then write a method statement.


The Portfolio is your chance to try to understand how you write and what you have learned this semester about writing styles and strategies and blueprints. This is an assignment for reflecting on your critical writing and thinking process.


  1. Read over all your freewrites since the beginning of the semester
  2. Select your three favorite freewrites, make a photocopy or retype them.
  3. Write a 300 word review/reflection of your writing successes and frustrations. The aim of this assignment is to help you to reflect on what you have learned about your own writing techniques and strategies. What works for you? At some point in your reflection you are to provide a few sentences on your freewrites: what did they help you to accomplish?  Was freewriting helpful for generating ideas? Turn in the three freewrites with the Reflection.

Due Date: at the beginning of class Thursday, May 5.

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