Journal 5: Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Cranford Rose Garden Entrance


Cranford Rose Garden Entrance, Brooklyn Botanical Garden

May 17, 2015.

This picture shows the entrance to the Cranford Rose Garden within the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. It is a building constructed with the architecture of a wooden shed. There is one child in the picture who was was continuously running up and down the steps to the entrance. I had never been to the Botanical Gardens before and couldn’t help admiring the beauty of this particular building. I had the opportunity to explore such a site because of the pressure of my teacher and the fear of not being able to graduate high school. I had to visit 5 such landmarks and write a report based on my observations. The report had to be titled “Keys to the City”. It was a very hot day, and we were tired from walking. This shed gave an indescribable comfort of shelter to us. Ever since, this entrance, as well as 4 other locations have been embedded into my heart as the “Keys” to our beloved city, “New York.”




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