Journal 4: The View

My Favorite photograph was “Riveters attaching a beam,” 1931, taken by Lewis Wickes Hines. I like this photograph because it shows the work place of the blue color workers and the risk it involved during those works. These men risk a lot while building skyscrapers and how they contributed to the society, because they build and others use it as office or residential. I like Hines style of photography; he documented the workers life and showed child labor in America through his photography alongside with places like sweatshops and factories. Even though his job as a documentary photographer was dangerous he did not back down, during his time as a photographer, the child labor was supposed to be hidden from public and people, those who supported child labor threatened Hines because through his photography he showed the terrible work place this child worked and the jobs they did.
The “Riveters attaching a beam” has an amazing view, showing a sight of city from a high viewpoint. In the background, we can see another building, which we could try to measure the height of the building being construct. The workers working on the building has only few safety gears and working over hundreds feet high, they risking a lot so does Hines for taking this picture. The photographs Hine took were realistic and showed the depth of daily life and struggles workers faced during his time as a photographer.

Jalal E Din

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  1. Ahsan Aziz says:


    I’m glad we both like the same picture. I agree with your comment that the pictures Hine took were realistic and went in depth of the life of the working class people during the creation of the society we live in today. This picture has an amazing view of construction back in 1931 and changes the perspective of the viewer. I also like how you give the reader an idea of the type of pictures Hine took by giving example of the sweatshops in that era as well as terrible workplaces and conditions. By giving more information of Hine, you help the reader understand what the picture is meant to show,


    Ahsan Aziz

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