Journal 4: New York Bravests

My favorite photograph has to be “Riveters attach a beam” by Lewis Wickes Hine (pg 147). I like it because it shows how construction workers used to work back in 1931. It looks dangerous. Especially, when that they do not have any protective gear. In addition, based on the picture, it looks like they were working on a high skyscraper. The material they are using looks very insecure and fragile.

All the pictures look like they were taken at the same time period. In my opinion, it does really cool though because these men were not afraid. If they were, this picture would not exist. I’m guessing construction was the only stable job people would get if they want to make lots of money. Maybe also, they could not find suited men in order for a more specific and dangerous job. Either way, I bet these men were not afraid of heights at all. I know I would be. My hands are sweaty just thinking of it.

Hine must of think the same way as I am. I bet he was scared going up to a skyscraper just to take a picture. This means a lot now because it makes you reflect how time use to be before technology has evolved. Men were unprotected, work place was life threating, and probably the only stable job back then. I could not think what these men were thinking going up at least 50 feet above ground, risking their lives not knowing if they would go back home. However, they must have done a good job if this was publish and held at the Library of Congress. So all I can do is give my salutes to these men and thank them for their services. They made New York look really good.



Jorge Cortezano

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your post on what is also my favorite picture from the six that were shown. I like the way you deeply described your feelings towards the picture and how you would react to the peril circumstances the construction workers had to deal with and so I honestly agree with you on this topic and this picture, it being the most stunning of all.

    Good Work,

    Brandon Delacruz

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