Journal 4: My favorite Photo

All the photo the author took were great but, there is one photo that caught my attention is the photo on page 139 by Marshall Berman. Which is a graffiti art made by a new yorker. There are a lot of words in the picture that I couldn’t read the words well. One of the main reasons why I like it is because I grew up in Harlem and I see graffiti everywhere. I enjoy looking at it because I can appreciate the art of the artist. I love to draw, but, I haven’t drawn in a long time. Graffiti is one work of art that I can’t do. I tried one time, but I never succeeded. It’s pretty much refreshing to see nice work of art.
The other photo where the man working on a building. I couldn’t relate to this photo any type of way. But, I amaze they have a clear shot someone working on the building. The other picture was a bridge and it was a great photo, but is just like “eh” is just a bridge. I understand the bridge get you to the city, but I just didn’t connect with it. The photo I saw was a building and the street which was great because it represented how busy is new yorker. But, what seals the deal it for me is the graffiti because of the art. I had a background for being an artist.

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