Journal #4: Continued

Out of all the photographs I have seen in the book one of them caught my eye. That would have to be “Joe Roifer and friend” by Dinanda H. Nooney. When I look at this image I see a lot of things going on. If you look to the left of the picture you can see another room that seems to have a good window view where you can look out and see the great city of Brooklyn. However in the image you can see in big lighted up words the word continued and right below there is two guys on sitting down and the other one standing up they both seem to be long time friends. From the looks of the image it seems like they have not seen each other in a pretty long time and ironically there happens to be the word continued in the room. And both long time friends want to continue having the relationship they have always had and from that day on they are going to see each other more often and hang out more. Moreover the two friends just looks like they have went out to have some fun because one of them is bare foot and the other one had shades on so you can’t tell if he is sleeping or if he is awake. In this one image you can get a lot of things this is why its one of my favorites because I like to look at photographs and get details from it or it can tell a story.

-Michael Montes

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  1. Elvin Baez says:

    You were very descriptive about the surroundings of the two friends and how you described their relationship because of the word that was above their head. I also agree with you about them staying long time friends by the inference of the word “CONTINUED.” You were able to see things that others may not have seen like the bare feet and the other room. This was very well done and I hope that the rest of your work is as descriptive and insightful as this.

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