Nooney’s Work of Art

Dinanda H. Nooney had an interest in taking photographs of families in Brooklyn neighborhoods from Greenpoint to Seagate. These photos were the most appealing because perhaps Nooney was trying to show individuals of every race, gender, and sexual orientation that we’re all similar and different in a lot of aspects. Every family is different even if they may be the same race or same religion and she was able to portray that beautifully by photographing these modern families. Nooney was able to capture the essence of how a modern family should have been in the 1970’s. The first photo shows a regular family having dinner in their home and having a wonderful time chatting over what has happened that day. Some families may also see some things that they have in common with the families like how their houses are laid out or if they have some of the same furniture. This family has a table cloth with a dinner table that has a candle. In the other photo there are what may possibly be brothers that look like they are really connected in a brotherly way and like spending time with each other. Nooney did a fantastic job of portraying how families act when they’re together. These photos are great because they show how the American life has affected modern society and how we learn to interact with our family members. America has been evolving society for hundreds of years and her pictures show what its lead up to and thats why her photos are a work of art.

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