Journal 4: Building Today’s Future

My favorite photo of the six photos shown is Lewis Wickes Hine’s “Riveters attaching a beam,” 1931. I personally feel as if i was born in the wrong time era and that is why in fact I love the 1930-1970’s era. This photo shows how construction workers condition were back in 1931 and how it has evolved throughout time. As you can see these construction workers are dressed formally to do a contraction job and you notice they are supported by ropes, it was much more dangerous as you can see they were in the midst of creating support beams for a skyscraper.

These men were non-union hard labor workers with no type of safety or insurance of safety. Union’s were first creating 4 years later in 1935 when the┬áNational Labor Relations Act of 1935 (NLRA) was passed. As a construction worker you would make an estimate of about $907 annually and that wasn’t enough to live off of. This goes to show that these men contributed so much to our society with there harsh working conditions and still weren’t acknowledged. Thats why this photo truly represents the men who shaped our society today with hard work and dedication in making buildings that still stand today.


Brandon Delacruz

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