First Annotation-A.B.

Annotation 1: 

Au-Yong-Oliveira, Manuel, et al. “The social impact of technology on millennials and consequences for higher education and leadership.” Telematics and Informatics 35.4 (2018): 954-963.

  1. i. Manuel Au-Yong-Oliveria, Ramiro, Goncalves, Jose Martins, Fredrico Branco

“The Social Impact of Technology on Millennials and Consequences for Higher Education and Leadership”

14 October 2017

  1. The article talks about the interaction of millennials with technology, saying that millennials have the most effective interaction with technology. The interaction of millennials with technology has affected their thinking process, and so they are looking for new ways to get an education in high schools and how they want to pursue their careers.  Millennials are looking for ways that teach courses that are not theoretical but close to real-life. They look for concepts that will help them pursue ideas in their actual life. These concepts help to motivate millennials, and they find motivation one of the key factors to be successful in their lives. They believe that a motivated person will complete their task more effectively and efficiently than a person who is not motivated.

iii. The methodology used to collect data was interviewing senior and experienced executives. Other than that, surveys were distributed amongst 111 students. 

  1. The study’s conclusion shows us that the students in higher education believe that the right work ethic is one of the essential aspects of success. Eighty-four candidates opted for the right work ethic. It is very much true that the right work ethic can help you excel in the field as it helps you make connections and work with enthusiasm. Others opted for the right work experience because the right work experience helps you learn lessons that will help you excel in your field. Moreover, it is essential for the students to be taught about the harsh realities of the market so that they have an idea about the hardships they are going to face.
  2. The source is authentic, as a lot of authors have cited it. Moreover, the source talks about different aspects of technology and how it impacts the lives of millennials. It is also related to the topic because it talks about the change in the mindset of millennials caused by the impact of technology and keeps in view the different dimensions of the topic.
  3. i. The authors are associate professors at University of Aveiro and are quite experts in the field of technology. 
  4. The writing style was quite formal and informational. 

iii. The purpose of this research article was to study the role played by technology in forming future leaders; the social aspect of a millennia’s life influenced by technology. 

  1. The authors are credible since they are university professors and have a strong command on the subject as reflected by their research. 
  2. It is a research-based article and is a good choice for this information since a group of researchers has conducted extensive research to produce the study results.
  3. “In the new mobile and connected world, technology has dictated how we communicate, socialize, and in many cases how we learn and evolve as human beings, in particular the younger generation, or the so-called millennials.”

This quote from the research article depicts the reality of present times where social media has certainly shaped interpersonal communication in several ways.

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