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The present day technology may have both a good side and bad side to it, and no one can deny neither the former nor the latter. But the optimal solution to this is maintaining, or at the very least attempting to achieve, a balance. We can use technology to make our lives simpler and easier since that is quite vital for most of us amidst the hustle and busy routines; but at the same time, we must also be mindful of the tasks or activities that we can perform on our own without relying on any form of technology. Automatic is increasingly replacing manual, whether it’s a car or cleaning utensils, but in order to maintain a balance and to not let technology become a curse, we must stick to manual where ever it is feasible and doable. Using technology unnecessarily makes an individual dependent upon it to an extent that withdrawing seems almost impossible. Anything in excess is harmful and dependency takes you away from self-reliance. Therefore, controlling the role played by technology in your life and managing its impact is very important for people in the current times. People who feel threatened and alarmed due to the increasing involvement of technology around them must read this article for a different perspective.

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