Bibliography SECOND + THIRD Annotation

Annotation 2:


  1. Bardhan, Indranil, and Mark F. Thouin. “Health Information Technology and Its Impact on the Quality and Cost of Healthcare Delivery.” Decision Support Systems, vol. 55, no. 2, 2013, pp. 438–49, doi:10.1016/j.dss.2012.10.003.
  2. i. The authors R. Bardhan, Indranil, and Mark F. Thouin’s research article was based upon the thesis that health information technology impacts the quality and cost of healthcare delivery. This article was accessed on 17th April 2021. The authors have researched the role of health information technology systems in developing and ensuring an overall healthcare service delivery system that results in maximum customer care, service delivery, and hospital performance. These HIT systems can be applied in various healthcare facilities, such as the clinical information system, scheduling system, and financial system, to name a few. However, for research purposes, the authors have specified four main health conditions that have unique and certain healthcare processes; this was done to study how the various kinds of hospital IT systems influence the cost and quality of such processes.  
  3. They arrived at the aforementioned thesis by using resource-based theory to study the influence of the benefits associated with healthcare information technology in ensuring good quality patient care, particularly with regards to four health conditions that they have specified for their research. The possible costs and risks of the healthcare processes were kept under consideration, and certain controls and limitations were also defined in the study to refine further and enhance the thesis. 

iii. They have used three different methods to base their research upon. Firstly, they gathered secondary data regarding the usage of IT in hospitals from the Dorenfest Institute for Health Information Technology Research database. Secondly, they gathered secondary data from the US Department of HHS Hospital Compare Program regarding the measures taken to assess the quality of hospital processes taking place around the clock. Thirdly, data relating to hospital operating expenses were obtained from the US Center for Medicare and Medicaid.. 

  1. After extensive research, the authors have concluded that IT, and health IT, in particular, does, in fact, have a precious role to play in the healthcare sector specifically. IT application at any or all levels of the healthcare process has proven to be highly beneficial and fruitful in ensuring the delivery of the best quality of healthcare service. With the help of these systems, patient records are stored, managed, and retrieved better; guidelines for patients and their caretakers are also conveyed more effectively, and clinical information is more readily available and accessible to healthcare workers. 

Similarly, considering the financial aspect of IT application, resource allocation and utilization becomes prompter and more accurate with the help of an IT-enabled financial system for a hospital. This helps in managing and also reducing costs incurred, especially during times of crisis. Overall, IT-enabled systems have proven to be vital in meeting the increasing demand for healthcare services. 

  1. I most certainly agree with the thesis and findings of this research article since it is evident how incorporating technology into the healthcare system can better the processes and, consequently, enable healthcare services to be more effective and efficient. It makes all necessary data easily accessible for the concerned individuals and guarantees the smooth flow of the processes. 
  2. i. Indranil Bardhan has a Ph. D in Management Science and Information Systems. Being an associate professor at the University of Texas, his main focus remains on the role of technology and IT, in particular, to address problems about productivity in the healthcare sector. Mark F. Thouin has a Ph. D from Texas Tech University, and the focal point of his work mainly revolves around the use of information technology in the healthcare sector.
  3. The writing style is quite formal and to the point with a lot of vital information.

iii. The purpose was to signify and explore the impact of health IT on the expenses and value of the healthcare delivery, and whether technology has an important role to play in this scenario or not. 

  1. Both the authors are highly credible, especially pertaining to the topic of their research since both are highly educated and experienced in the field. 
  2. It is a research-based journal article that is normally considered a very authentic and credible source for any information about the topic at hand. It is the best fit for this type of information since the study was conducted on a significantly large scale with responsible authorities. 
  3. Information technologies used in healthcare have the potential to improve both the quality and effectiveness of healthcare providers.”

This quote reflects the possibility of a macro level change and positive outcome of using technology in important aspects of life such as health. 

Annotation 3: 


Deb, Sagarmay. “Information Technology, Its Impact on Society and Its Future.” Advances in Computing, vol. 4, no. 1, 2014, pp. 25–29, doi:10.5923/

  1. i. The author’s thesis in this article is to study and analyze the pros and cons of technology and the future prospects it holds for the world. The article titled “Information technology, its impact on society and its future” was accessed on 17th April 2021. 
  2. The author’s approach is quite similar to mine pertaining to the impact of technology in our lives. His inclination is more towards the merits of technology and how it has simplified our lives, also talking about what the future possibly has in store for us. 

iii. He author has based his article primarily on secondary information obtained from various articles, journals and researches to validate his stance. 

  1. The author has concluded that after going through all the merits and demerits of technology, the good ones most certainly overshadow the bad ones because IT has helped human beings in more ways than one. IT has not only modified our personal lives but have also changed the game on an industrial level with major alterations in industries, businesses, and even in the way countries are governed. 
  2. I agree with the author’s perspective in general. Still, the arguments put forward in the article seem slightly weak because quite often, the author overlooks the negative aspect of technology that go side by side. Justifying the stance in favor of technology can be done through solid and logical proofs. Moreover, addressing the problems with the negative side of IT can also help increase the value of the information provided in the source. 
  3. i. The author is an associate professor in Central Queensland University and has a deep association with technology. 
  4. The writing style of the author seems informal due to the conversational tone that is being reflected in the article. 

iii. The purpose was to explore the good and bad side of technology in order to conclude which side is stronger. 

  1. Despite the knowledge the author has on the topic at hand, the author does not appear to be as credible as the other authors mainly due to the language being used in the article and the writing methodology employed to articulate his findings. 
  2. The genre of this source is a scholarly article based on secondary research. Its significance can be said to have moderate value. 
  3. It is popular wisdom that people today suffer information overload.”

This is an important quote in the article since it highlights an important aspect of technology which comes from its excessive use. 

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First Annotation-A.B.

Annotation 1: 

Au-Yong-Oliveira, Manuel, et al. “The social impact of technology on millennials and consequences for higher education and leadership.” Telematics and Informatics 35.4 (2018): 954-963.

  1. i. Manuel Au-Yong-Oliveria, Ramiro, Goncalves, Jose Martins, Fredrico Branco

“The Social Impact of Technology on Millennials and Consequences for Higher Education and Leadership”

14 October 2017

  1. The article talks about the interaction of millennials with technology, saying that millennials have the most effective interaction with technology. The interaction of millennials with technology has affected their thinking process, and so they are looking for new ways to get an education in high schools and how they want to pursue their careers.  Millennials are looking for ways that teach courses that are not theoretical but close to real-life. They look for concepts that will help them pursue ideas in their actual life. These concepts help to motivate millennials, and they find motivation one of the key factors to be successful in their lives. They believe that a motivated person will complete their task more effectively and efficiently than a person who is not motivated.

iii. The methodology used to collect data was interviewing senior and experienced executives. Other than that, surveys were distributed amongst 111 students. 

  1. The study’s conclusion shows us that the students in higher education believe that the right work ethic is one of the essential aspects of success. Eighty-four candidates opted for the right work ethic. It is very much true that the right work ethic can help you excel in the field as it helps you make connections and work with enthusiasm. Others opted for the right work experience because the right work experience helps you learn lessons that will help you excel in your field. Moreover, it is essential for the students to be taught about the harsh realities of the market so that they have an idea about the hardships they are going to face.
  2. The source is authentic, as a lot of authors have cited it. Moreover, the source talks about different aspects of technology and how it impacts the lives of millennials. It is also related to the topic because it talks about the change in the mindset of millennials caused by the impact of technology and keeps in view the different dimensions of the topic.
  3. i. The authors are associate professors at University of Aveiro and are quite experts in the field of technology. 
  4. The writing style was quite formal and informational. 

iii. The purpose of this research article was to study the role played by technology in forming future leaders; the social aspect of a millennia’s life influenced by technology. 

  1. The authors are credible since they are university professors and have a strong command on the subject as reflected by their research. 
  2. It is a research-based article and is a good choice for this information since a group of researchers has conducted extensive research to produce the study results.
  3. “In the new mobile and connected world, technology has dictated how we communicate, socialize, and in many cases how we learn and evolve as human beings, in particular the younger generation, or the so-called millennials.”

This quote from the research article depicts the reality of present times where social media has certainly shaped interpersonal communication in several ways.

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Bibliography conclusion

The present day technology may have both a good side and bad side to it, and no one can deny neither the former nor the latter. But the optimal solution to this is maintaining, or at the very least attempting to achieve, a balance. We can use technology to make our lives simpler and easier since that is quite vital for most of us amidst the hustle and busy routines; but at the same time, we must also be mindful of the tasks or activities that we can perform on our own without relying on any form of technology. Automatic is increasingly replacing manual, whether it’s a car or cleaning utensils, but in order to maintain a balance and to not let technology become a curse, we must stick to manual where ever it is feasible and doable. Using technology unnecessarily makes an individual dependent upon it to an extent that withdrawing seems almost impossible. Anything in excess is harmful and dependency takes you away from self-reliance. Therefore, controlling the role played by technology in your life and managing its impact is very important for people in the current times. People who feel threatened and alarmed due to the increasing involvement of technology around them must read this article for a different perspective.

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Jannatul Ferdaus 

English 1101

Prof. Scanlan 

may 23, 2021

Technology: A Curse or a Blessing?

There remains no doubt that our lives have become ‘tech driven’ in recent times. General perception and understanding are that technology is all about smartphones, laptops, microchips, etc. However, not many are aware that the word ‘technology’ refers to any object or process that makes accomplishing a task or goal easier. About this definition, technology has been a part of our lives ever since the first few humans on earth lit up the fire by rubbing two stones together – that itself was an example of technology. Since then, technology has evolved and developed throughout centuries to mold into the state it is today. It is anything and everything that is used as a tool to simplify and uncomplicate a task or activity, from a simple screwdriver to a mighty supercomputer. 

It is also true that along with the diversification in utility provided by technology over the decades, it has also turned out to provide utility in more alternative ways than one can imagine. Technology now efficiently enables, supplements, and facilitates numerous aspects of our lives, including, but not limited to, communication, entertainment, information, and accessibility. So, at this point, we may ask, “Is technology taking over our lives?”

The answer is quite debatable and has people divided over the pros and cons of technology in our lives. Some strongly believe and acknowledge the beneficial role of technology, whereas many argue that it has disrupted the natural flows and processes. The integration of technology can be seen all around us, from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep at night. The uses of smartphones keep expanding, with companies trying to bring in more and more advancement all amalgamated in the palm of your hands. Similarly, other technologies like air conditioners are also being developed as per the ever-changing demands and needs of people worldwide. The same is the reason behind the evolution of technology; the increasingly changing preferences, lifestyles, incomes, and wants of individuals. 

But in recent years, the dynamic has changed due to the shift from the micro level to the macro level, the macro-level being the industrial and governmental level use and incorporation of technology.  The use of technology on a large scale has produced a trickle-down effect, hence proving that technology has been inculcated in our lives from all sides.

As far as the importance of technology is concerned, many types of research have been conducted in which the impact of withdrawing a certain technological commodity, such as a smartphone, from an individual’s life. People find themselves completely “out of touch” and isolated, unaware and bored when they do not have access to a smartphone. We may not realize this or acknowledge this, but all of us are addicted to technology to some extent; in particular, smartphone addiction and, consequently, the addiction to the internet is real and is being widely considered an addiction equivalent to drugs. This could be due to the satisfaction, sense of belonging, and entertainment that the internet provides to individuals. 

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Coffeehouse #5

I think our life Depends on time management. Without time management we can’t finish our work on time because the other work can be distracting so it’s so important to know what you need to do on that day because there’s one thing that can’t get back which is time. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day but the main thing is how a person spend the time and how a person can manage your time to finish your work on time. 

  1. Make a plan ahead so you know what to do first, what to do second and what not to do at all.

 2. We should avoid multitasking and do one thing at a time so it is possible to finish work on time. 3.set up can be must important for study at home.  We needed a quiet setting to complete the work. 

4. Out distractions can be Facebook, Twitter, online shopping it’s easily made distracted all must everyone so should avoid the social media tools when you need to focus on your studies.

5. It’s important to reward yourself after a job well done. Because it will inspire me to get another job done on time. 

6. create a balance we should balance the time to focus on school, work and personal life 

7. Get a good sleep at night. Sleep is essential to rest your body and keep your mind fresh for the next day. we should sleep on time. 

 Personally I Really need to make schedule for my time management. After I read this 6 tips I realized that I need to avoid the multitasking. Because sometimes I have destruction with others class assignments and the biggest destruction is the cellphone.

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A Student Sample of a First Draft (Essay 5)

Hi Class,

A student sample:

Student Sample Research Essay First Draft 2013



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Student Example of an Annotated Bibliography

Hi Class,

Here is a fine example of the first half of Essay 5:



Best wishes,

Prof. Scanlan

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Hi Class,

I’ve updated the details for Essay 5. Please go to “Assignments” and print our this revised set of directions–the due dates are all changed.

Also, please remember to bring in Essay 4 on December 3rd: final draft, revision worksheet, and old (graded) draft.


Prof. Scanlan

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Sentence Revisions

My attempt at revising the homework paragraph:


Sentence 1: The time between an incident and the process of reporting it remains the essential difference that separates TV news reporting from newspaper reporting.


Sentence 1:

The essential difference between TV news reporting and newspaper reporting remains the time lag that exists between the occurrence of an event and time it takes to report it.


Sentence 2:

Due to the physical nature of the printing process, newspapers cannot instantaneously cover and print a news story.


Sentence 2:

The time necessary to write and edit a news story makes it impossible for newspapers to instanteously cover and publish.


Sentence 3:

Newspapers find it impossible to instantaneously cover and publish a news event.



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New York, has the undefined, hard-to-remember shape of a stain.

Frazier, Ian. “Take the F.” The Place Where We Dwell: Reading and Writing About New York City. Eds. Juanita But, Mark Noonan, and Sean Scanlan. Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt, 2012. 24. Print.

John Bowne, blue and tan and haunted by a graveyard in  it’s front face, not very hard to forget.

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