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Final Exam Info

Hi Class,

Our final exam is in N 1007 on the 18th. Students have the full period to finish the exam (one hour and 15 minutes). There is no lab.

• I will bring the dictionary.

• Pens or pencils are fine, but please write as neatly as possible.

• Please no food or drink or phones.

• Arrive five minutes early.

Rest well, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


Prof. Scanlan

Both parts of Essay 3 Due Wednesday

Hi Class,

Essay 3 is due at the beginning of class on Wednesday. Make sure to print out both the Annotated Bibliography and the Essay.

In a paper folder, include:

  1. Final Draft of Essay 3 and Annotated Bibliography
  2. All prior drafts
  3. All peer reviews (3)
  4. Photocopies/printouts of quotation sources

Please proofread your work with care, and please do not allow technology to be an excuse.

No late essays will be accepted.


-Prof. Scanlan

Homework for Monday, December 4

Hi Class,

Just added:

Here is the peer review sheet for the Annotated Bibliography:




1. Question: Which word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?

 Answer: Short

2. A teacher pointed to Jim and asked “quick, Jim, name two pronouns.”

Jim answered “who, me?”

3. Question: What should you say in order to comfort a ruffled grammar fanatic?

Answer: “There, their, they’re.”

4. Question:  what’s the difference between a cat and a comma?

Answer: One has claws at the end of its paws. The other has a pause at the end of a clause.


For Monday, bring in a draft of Essay 3–at least one page. Make sure to spend considerable time crafting the introduction, thesis, and method. Make sure the thesis is an argument.

Also, prepare for Quiz 3, which will cover: citation unscrambling; If-then sentences, and Russell Shorto’s “Henry Hudson” article on page 232.



Prof. Scanlan

Freewrite Portfolio Due Wednesday

Homework Due Wednesday: The Freewrite Portfolio

* Step one: read through your notebook and select three freewrites that you like.

* Step two: Make a copy of these three freewrites (retype or photocopy)

* Step three: write a 300 word reflection on these three freewrites and how freewriting can help you in the future. You can also write about how you might change the ways that you use freewriting.

* Turn in the freewrite copies and the 300 word reflection on Wednesday.

-Prof. Scanlan

Conducting a Personal Interview

Below, I’ve included information below pertaining to recording your own interview.

Obtaining information by direct questions is a form of primary source material, so you may want to conduct a short interview with a person connected to your topic/site. You may conduct the interview in person, by email, or by phone.

Conducting an Interview:

1. Determine your purpose, and be sure it relates to your research question and perhaps even your hypothesis.

2. Set up the interview well in advance. Introduce yourself cordially and professionally. State who you are and why you want to conduct an interview.  Specify how long it will take, and if you wish to record the session–always ask permission to record or photograph.

3. Prepare a written list of factual and open-ended questions. Brainstorming or freewriting can help you come up with questions. Leave plenty of space for notes after each question. If the interview proceeds in a new or different direction, don’t panic, let the person speak. Do not feel that you have to be prepared for every question or response.

4. Record the subject, date, time, and place of the interview.

5. Thank the person that you interview (in person or by email). Be professional in all interactions.

6. Very important: right after the interview, sit down and rewrite your notes and reflect on the interview. If you do not do this now, you will forget vital information. Do this while it is fresh.



Homework for Wednesday, November 22

Hi Class,

For Wednesday: Journal 7

This journal is a make-up journal. If you have turned in all six journals then the points for completing this assignment will be awarded to your participation/homework grade. Directions: Write a 300 word journal in which you summarize your research project/place and then pose and try to begin answering five research questions. See the Research Process handout for more information on research questions.

Research Process: Research Project Process


Students may still hand in the homework that was due today (Monday 11/20). This was essentially a draft of the annotated bibliography: five bibliographic entries and an annotation for each entry. This document should look a lot like the student sample that we read through today, just shorter. The more work students do on their annotated bibliography, the better the essay will be.


Prof. Scanlan


Hi Class,

Remember to meet in front of the City Tech library on Wednesday at 1:00.


Essay 2 Final Draft is due on OpenLab before class on Monday, November 6. Make sure to post the photos with titles, your name, and the linked MS Word file for the essay. Please make sure to include a Works Cited for this essay.


Peer Review for Essay 2:

Peer Review for Essay 2-PhotoEssay


Below is the answer key for Section III of the midterm:


[note that these entries need proper indentation]

Works Cited

Banerjee, Subhankar. “Photography Changes Our Awareness of Global Issues and Responsibilities.” Photography Changes Everything, edited by Marvin Heiferman, Aperture, 2012, pp. 64-66.

Chasar, Mike. Everyday Reading: Poetry and Popular Culture in Modern America. Columbia UP, 2012.

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