Hi Class,

I think everybody had a great time looking at (really seeing) all those photos this week–I can’t wait to talk about your photos! And, I thought of a way to award participation points for looking at each other’s photos. If you comment on another photo, I will give you points! Be positive and write over 20 words, and points are yours.

For Monday: Take photos and post to OpenLab; make sure to include a title, your name, and a 100 word description. Also, read Joseph Anastasio in Chapter 4. In preparation for Quiz 2 (Wednesday), you might want to refresh your memory on Sontag, Parla, and Cole.

Have an photo-tastic weekend. And if you want to get photos approved for Essay 2, you can email them to me–please keep the size small.

Lastly, you may rewrite Essay 1 to improve your grade (I take an average of the two scores). Any rewrites are due by October 31.


Prof. Scanlan