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Author: Anastasia

Anastasia’s HW Post

A girl sitting at the table with a plate on it




One the right picture we see a girl that is sitting at the counter in some café. She has blond hair, she is smiling, holding her hand to her chin. She is wearing checkered shirt in grey and light pink colors.

As we can see, there is a plate with some meal and fries on the counter in front of the girl, but we can’t see it clear, because the plate is strongly highlighted with the lamp above the counter. The right side of the picture is not highlighted, so we can clearly see the beverage the girl is enjoying.

Despite this picture is taken in a café, however, we don’t see other people. There are a few booths and chairs behind the girl, but we can barely see anyone. It looks like this picture was taken by a bartender, because there is a ticket number “111” on the counter stand, that servers usually use to mark the guests seat numbers.

On the left picture we see a girl. She is sitting at the table in some café or a restaurant. She is holding her hand to her chin and smiling. The picture doesn’t have any bright colors. Everything is brown, light grey and beige, very warm colors; probably the filter was used for this picture.

There is a meal with French fries on the plate, there are strangely two knives instead of one, and the steak knife is put on a place with handle to the side of a photographer, not the girl, which seems weird, according to the table etiquette. There is a stem glass of wine and a glass of water in front of a girl. There is another chair behind the girl, but nobody is sitting there, there is a stack of high chairs behind that. We can’t really see the whole café, because the girl leans against the wall.

These two pictures seem alike at first sight, but they also differ. There is the same girl, in the same shirt, sitting at the café and holding her hand to her chin. On both picture she is about to enjoy her meal. Both pictures are taken by someone, it is not a selfie. The girl and the plate with meal are in the center of both pictures. However, while on the first picture the colors look sharp because of the strong lightening, on the second picture the lightening is dimmed, which gives it a warm, comforting feeling.


The New Broadway Play Is Coming

Manhattan, 43rd st & 7th ave, looking west, March 2018

Manhattan, 43rd st & 7th ave, looking west, March 2018

This photo was taken during the day in Manhattan, on an intersection of a 43rd st & 7th ave, looking west, March 2018. There is always a crowd in Manhattan, as we can see it in the picture.  Seventh Avenue is the most busy avenue in Manhattan, especially in Theater District, where this picture was taken. On the right upper corner we can see the sign of a world famous restaurant called Hard Rock Cafe. But showing the crowd in Manhattan wasn’t the purpose of the picture; the real reason why I took this photo is hidden in the middle  – it is the nest on the top of a Lyric Theater, which is located between 7th & 8th avenues on the same street. It is the 3D emblem of a new Harry Potter play, which will start playing March 16th, 2018.  Whole New York is excited to see it, so am I.