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Fix These Funny Sentences:

Fix These Funny Sentences


Radical Revision and Strong Sentences:

Radical Revision-Comp-1-2012


Parallel Structure Handout:

Parallelism Handout-2012


The Summary:



Is/Was and Skydiving:

Skydiving is simple, safe, and life-changing, and it is hard to beat for sheer excitement. What follows is a short list of types of jumps that are common for first-time jumpers to consider. The first one is a tandem jump, which is good for choosing, as jumpers are to be harnessed to certified instructors. The second one is called the accelerated free fall, or AFF. And here, the jumper is guided by instructors, but the jumper is able to have the use of their own parachute. Thirdly is the static-line jump, where a line attached to the plane is the connection point for the student.


Paragraph Structure:



Comma Confidence



What Makes Good Writing?–Sentence Lesson



Five Types of  Conclusions:



Susan Sontag’s “On Photography”:



Thesis Statement Handout:

Thesis Statement


Helen Keller’s “The Most Important Day”



Reading #5: Wallis and Steptoe: “How to Bring Our Schools…”



Reading #4: Howard Gardner “Five Minds for the Future”



Reading #3: Steve Brody: “How I Got Smart” (PDF)

How I Got Smart


Reading #2: Salvatore Scibona

Click here for link


Reading #1: Isaac Asimov

Intelligence-Isaac Asimov


Standard Journal Format:





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