Photos for my essay

Project#1 cornfield

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My Two Photos


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Photography essay

20140927_162833 20141026_184200

My photos for my photography essay

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My Photography essay’s pictures


photography essay

These are the two photos that I will compare for my photography essay. Both of them were taken near Brooklyn Bridge. We had to go outside and do an experiment for our project.

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The Start of My Day


This photo was taken on October 6 at 8 am in the morning. This is the view of the start of my day. I wake up every morning and go to work and school. I cross the verrazano bridge everyday. The sun shown only on the right of the photo shows its morning  and seeing all the cars shows its rush hour. People are on their way to work, school etc. To me this shows what life for a typical New Yorker is. You wake up early sit in traffic at the start of your day. Going over this bridge everyday makes me feel like I’m on my way to accomplish to something. I took this photo as I was getting on the Verrazano Bridge from my car windshield. (Umar)



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Photography Assignment


Our school, being near Fulton mall and other attractions, can be very noisy and crowd most of the time. But I have to say this particular place was really quiet. While I was walking around looking for places to take photo; I stumble upon these isolated buildings (or I believe to be so). This building is locate between Myrtle avenue and Duffield street. I did a few research about this building but nothing seem to come up. The place itself is completely empty without any furniture whatsoever.  I usually see massive scale building so it was a nice change to found a small secluded area. The idea of this place being exclude from other tall building appeal to me. The light that shin through the window added a nice touch to it also.

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Susan Sontag Essay for October 15

Hi Class,

I hope that your photo taking and photo reading is going well. Here is the Sontag essay for our October 15th quiz. The quiz will be a reading quiz over the terms of photography plus the Sontag and Parla essays.

Susan Sontag’s “On Photography”:



Prof. Scanlan

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Signs from above

love letters to brooklyn

I took this picture on October 7, 2014 at 5:28 pm. The picture was taken on my way to the Q train going home. The painting is located on Hoyt St centered between Macy’s parking garage and Macy’s.The painting was painted by Stephen Powers (tag name ESPO) called “Love Letter to Brooklyn”.The sky was clear and the tall buildings blocked out the sun. What I like about the picture the most is that above the words “I see eternity” there’s a glowing effect. This effect is so heavenly that I forget about the trucks and the other buildings in the background in a way it’s a beautiful distraction to the busyness of a Brooklyn street. I use a chrome filter to help emphasis the glowing effect around the words ” I see eternity” that was already in the picture before the filter was placed. The words give an overwhelming feeling because they stand out, towering over everything underneath.

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Mysterious Artwork



I enjoy casually walking around the area looking for spots to sit down and eat my lunch. Lately, I have been sitting behind NYU Poly Tech and in the middle of a dull, peaceful outdoor resting area, was a loud, colorful and mysterious piece of art. I would assume it should be for the public to decipher, considering the seating around this area mainly face directly towards it. There’s no description on this piece, unless there is but I have not seen it. There are also many trees, seats and benches scattered around this mysterious artwork. It looks like a giant, colorful maze or it could simply just be a little playground for the children.

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