About the header image:

The header image for our course site is titled:Ā “Nieuw Amsterdam op t Eylant Manhattans,” and it was created inĀ 1650 by Johannes Blaeu. The artistĀ based his print on a 1648 imageĀ of the town of New Amsterdam. This image presents Neiuw Amsterdam as it appeared during the time when Peter Stuyvesant was the Dutch corporate governor of the tip of an islandĀ that eventually became lower Manhattan in New York City.

image source: Ā Ā http://www.geographicus.com/P/AntiqueMap/NieuwAmsterdamManhattan2-blaeu-1652

About OpenLab:

OpenLab is a new, open source digital platform that helps our Learning Community share information, work, calendars, and resources. Each course has one website, but they are all interconnected. Not only can students see what is happening in other classes, perspective students can see what courses look like. Each website has course-specific information and also a semi-public blog so that students can share with the world.


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