Peer Review Sheets and Proofing Advice

Annotated Bibliography Peer Review:

PeerReview-Ann-BibEssay-2014 copy

Research Essay Peer Review:



Remember that you must turn in Essay 3 on Wednesday.

Proofing Advice:

1. Buy a friend a cup of coffee and have them read over your essay and make comments.
2. Pay a friend/colleague a nickle for every mistake or problem that they find.
3. Read your essay out loud. Enunciate each word. If something is wrong, your ear usually picks it up.
4. Read “backwards.” This is a technique used by professional editors: starting at the end of your essay, read each sentence in reverse order (don’t read the words in reverse order).
5. Revise each topic sentence to reveal exactly what the paragraph is trying to claim/assert.
6. Replace all weak verbs; change passive verbs to active verbs.
7. Make sure that your topic sentences are aligned with your thesis. Do they help support your overall thesis? They should.
8. Make sure that your thesis, topic sentences, and your conclusion speak to each other–that they are linked. Revise as needed.

For Wednesday: in a folder please make sure to put the following:

-All drafts
-Peer Reviews (2)
-Assignment details
-Photocopy or print-out of each direct quotation source (minimum 5)
-Final Draft: Essay on top of the Annotated Bibliography (stapled and with page numbers)


Good luck and I’ll see you Wednesday.


Prof. Scanlan

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