New York City College of Technology During Autumn Times


The picture was taken on October 6, 2014 at 4:14pm when I was on my way from New York City College of Technology to my home. The picture is part of the prestigious New York City College of Technology located in Tillary St, between Jay St and Adams St. I always like this part of the building because of the inclined shape the top of building has. Also, the multiple windows that form the ceiling of the building gives me a sense of transparency as I can clearly observe the fluid movement of students and faculty staff as they go to their respective classes. In addition, the spacious and empty space at the front of the building makes me feel relax and calm as I can sit at read a book in tranquility. I really appreciate the green trees that surround the building, it shows me that there is still a tiny spark of summer even though the fierce winter is coming to New York City. Finally, I enjoy the way the sun hits the left side of the windows, it shows me that the sun still wants to shine powerfully though the clouds want to take over it and steal the rest of the fresh afternoon. I adjusted the brightness of my camera in order to perfectly capture the front doors of the building. I really love the perspective I took the picture because it makes me think that behind those little doors, there is an enormous world full of opportunities, knowledge and success for me.


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  1. Well composed photo! And I liked your careful description. (Prof. Scanlan)

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