Peer Review Sheets and Proofing Advice

Annotated Bibliography Peer Review:

PeerReview-Ann-BibEssay-2014 copy

Research Essay Peer Review:



Remember that you must turn in Essay 3 on Wednesday.

Proofing Advice:

1. Buy a friend a cup of coffee and have them read over your essay and make comments.
2. Pay a friend/colleague a nickle for every mistake or problem that they find.
3. Read your essay out loud. Enunciate each word. If something is wrong, your ear usually picks it up.
4. Read “backwards.” This is a technique used by professional editors: starting at the end of your essay, read each sentence in reverse order (don’t read the words in reverse order).
5. Revise each topic sentence to reveal exactly what the paragraph is trying to claim/assert.
6. Replace all weak verbs; change passive verbs to active verbs.
7. Make sure that your topic sentences are aligned with your thesis. Do they help support your overall thesis? They should.
8. Make sure that your thesis, topic sentences, and your conclusion speak to each other–that they are linked. Revise as needed.

For Wednesday: in a folder please make sure to put the following:

-All drafts
-Peer Reviews (2)
-Assignment details
-Photocopy or print-out of each direct quotation source (minimum 5)
-Final Draft: Essay on top of the Annotated Bibliography (stapled and with page numbers)


Good luck and I’ll see you Wednesday.


Prof. Scanlan

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About the Portfolio

Hi Class,

The portfolio is a chance for you to reflect on your writing progress this semester.

First, select three freewrites that you like, three that exemplify your freewriting process.

Second,  photocopy (or type them up if they are hard to read) the freewrites.

Third, write a one-page reflection of your progress as a writer; this reflection may dwell on challenges or successes or writing tasks that you want to continue to learn. You may also write about your process of writing or your process of freewriting. Print everything out and bring to class on Wednesday.

In Addition: make sure to bring in your draft of Essay 3 on Wednesday.



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Another Student Sample and Bonus Materials

Hi Class,

1. Student Sample: Essay and Annotated Bibliography


2. Peer Review for Annotated Bibliography


3. December Calendar


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How to Conduct an Interview–for Essay 3

Hi Class,

For Essay 3, I recommend making use of an interview. You may find an interview that has already been published, or you may conduct your own interview with a person connected to your site/subject. In either case, the interview is an excellent way to include a PRIMARY resource in your essay (and in your annotated bibliography). Please note that you need at least one primary resource.

Conducting an Interview:

1. Determine your purpose, and be sure it relates to your research question and perhaps even your hypothesis.

2. Set up the interview well in advance. Introduce yourself cordially and professionally. State who you are and why you want to conduct an interview.  Specify how long it will take (15 minutes is a fine length), and if you wish to record the session–always ask permission to record or photograph.

3. Prepare a written list of factual and open-ended questions. Brainstorming or freewriting can help you come up with questions. Leave plenty of space for notes after each question. If the interview proceeds in a new or different direction, don’t panic, let the person speak. Do not feel that you have to be prepared for every question or response. I like this follow-up: “Wow, I didn’t know that…can you explain that a bit more?”

4. Record the subject, date, time, and place of the interview.

5. Thank the person that you interview (in person or by email). Be professional in all interactions.

6. Very important: right after the interview, sit down and rewrite your notes and reflect on the interview. If you do not do this now, you will forget vital information. Do this while it is fresh.



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A Student Sample of an Annotated Bibliography

Hi Students,

A reminder: we will have Quiz 3 on Wednesday, November 26th over three things: comma rules, citations, and “Reading Lucy” by Jennifer Egan

And here is a student sample of an actual Annotated Bibliography for this research paper (from a few years ago): Student-Sample-Annotated-Bibliography-2014

Please print out this sample Annotated Bibliography and bring it to class on Monday, along with your homework.



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Homework for Monday, November 17th

Hi all,

For Monday’s Journal #5, follow these directions.

1. Now that you’ve selected a place to research, let’s begin with this process of engaging with scholarly material. Spend one hour reading about your site/place. I recommend reading from three different sources. For example:

1. Wikipedia

2. Newspaper

3. Book or NYC Encyclopedia

After reading, taking notes, and making sure to copy down all the relevant citation information, answer the following five questions in full sentences (typed, double-spaced and turned in on Monday).

1. What are three essential dates concerning the place?

2. Who are three essential people connected to the place?

3. What are three essential events associated to the place?

4. What is one problem or controversy associated with the place?

5. What is one benefit of the place?

*Make sure to include the precise address of the place.

Are you having trouble nailing down a site/place? Then consider the following: Gowanus Canal, Newtown Creek, Red Hook Container Port, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Domino Sugar Factory, Effects of Sandy on Red Hook (or Staten Island), the contest over which design should be selected for #1 WTC, Brooklyn Bridge Park, the building/destruction of Barclays Center, the Cyclone on Coney Island.

Best wishes,

Prof. Scanlan

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Photo Essay

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My 2 photos for essay

image IMG_0845

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Essay 2 photos

First photoSecond photo

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My photos for Photograph Essay


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