Updates for week of October 14-18

Hi Class,

Remember: we do not meet on Tuesday, Oct 15th.

For Thursday, October 17th, we will turn in Essay 2. In a folder, please bring:

1. all drafts

2. final draft

3. peer review sheet: it must be filled out before you turn in your essay. A friend, classmate, or family member can help. But you cannot fill it out yourself.

4. assignment detail sheet

Also: please spend time reviewing your essay to make sure that most of the simple typos are fixed. How to do this?

1. Read your essay out loud to catch mistakes and missing words. This method also helps to catch problems with flow.

2. Have a friend or classmate read your essay. Exchange papers and help each other.

3. Read backwards. This sounds funny, but it is very effective. Start at the end of your essay, and read each sentence in reverse order.


Prof. Scanlan

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