Tramway View

I remember always wanting to go on the Tramway just because of how it looked and I was fascinated by the fact it went to a small island I had never been to before. When I was done with my first week of college classes I decided to take a trip with my boyfriend there. I didn’t know what to expect and I was surprised to see that to get on you had to swipe your metrocard like a regular train station. After waiting shortly the Tramway began to move and everyone looked like it was an everyday thing for them while I was amazed. I couldnt help but want to photograph every view of every inch we moved. Out of all the pictures from that day this one was my favorite because it captured part of the beautiful view I saw. You see a bunch of skyscrapers from Manhattan and by the wires you can tell that we are on the tramway. In the picture you also notice the reflection as if you were looking out through glass which is exactly how I was photographing the picture.

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  1. Interesting photo. I approve of your project.
    Prof. Scanlan

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