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Here is an example of a picture that I took and my description:

Manhattan-Stonehenge, 2011, Sean Scanlan, size: 968×1296, Medium post size

I took this picture in the early spring of 2011. The shot is of the sun as it is framed by skyscrapers on either side of E. 21st St., looking West, of course. The sun is setting and seems perfectly centered by the “cliffs” or buildings. I was walking with my friend, Tom, and on our way to play ping-pong at a place called Spin, which is a few blocks north of Union Square. What is so interesting about the picture is that the lens created the effect of all the red circles, I never saw them until after clicking the shutter. The red is overwhelming, but I can still make out the street scene. At first, I did not like the white car on the right side, but after further reflection, I liked how it adds perspective and the illusion of speed. Lastly, the lens also created the effect of a bright slash that goes through the street, straight down. I like that “sword” as it bisects the frame.


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Prof. Scanlan

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