Reminders for next Thursday, Sept. 20

Hi Class,

Two homework assignments for Thursday:

1. Send me an email. For the body, tell me about one place that you like in NYC.

2. Finish writing Essay 1, and make sure to edit and proofread it. Bring these four documents to class in a folder: Assignment Details, Draft 1, Peer Review Sheet, Final Draft.

Tips to improve Essay 1:

-Have a classmate or friend read your essay (buy them a cup of coffee, perhaps. Or, offer to read their essay).

-Use spell and grammar check. Make sure to set up your software to check spelling, grammar, and style.

-Read your essay backwards…sentence by sentence. You can catch a lot of mistakes this way.

-Read your essay out loud…this is a tried and tested method by professional writers.

-Email me or come by my office hours on Wednesday (not Tuesday, as school is closed).


Prof. Scanlan

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