Hello, my name is Safa Cabrera and this is my second semester at City Tech. I’m currently working on receiving my Bachelors in Communication Design. I came into the school with a liberal arts associates degree not knowing what I wanted to study or focus on. I knew I loved makeup and art, talking with the registrar helped me decide on studying Communication Design. One of the best decisions I ever made. I love what I have learned and I’m super eager to learn more.
I’d never thought I was capable of creating art on computers using programs that were foreign to me, Let alone improving on my sketching and drawing skills. I’m shooting for having a successful career in distribution like packaging and or being a creative director for a magazine. I have friends that own their own small businesses that need logos and business card designs, so on my downtime, I create them, this way I can practice on my art and be prepared for bigger clients in my future in design.