3 class hours, 3 credits

Prerequisite: HUS 2405 Field Practicum

Course Description

The process of developing resources for a human services program.  Students develop a statement of need, a budget and program management evaluation procedures. Resources for funding programs, the requirements of various funding sources and the legal requirements for resource accountability are explored.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the function of the Board of Directors
  • Differentiate among different types of nonprofit organizations and tax-exempt nonprofit organizations
  • Describe the components and writing requirements of a grant proposal
  • Identify public and private funding sources and describe fundraising strategies to create a funding mix for a nonprofit organization
  • Find and use reliable evidence to compose a compelling need statement & write a grant proposal based on documented need
  • Awareness of  ethical issues related to nonprofit program development,  fund raising, board membership, research, pilot projects, and staff responsibility