“A sigil is a type of symbol used in magic… In modern usage, especially in the context of chaos magic, sigil refers to a symbolic representation of the practitioner’s desired outcome.”

I learned how to create sigils using Stef Sanjati’s method, which you can find on her instagram tv video page.

I also use sigils for design purposes, including creating my own logo based on the look of sigils.

GREEN: I am a cunt.
PURPLE: I make a lot of money.
YELLOW: I do not compromise myself.
BLUE: I am a successful artist.
RED: my logo, Stephanie Renee Balloqui.


777- acrylic and mixed media on a 11 x 13 canvas. In the comic book series Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, “777” is referred to as the number of heaven and is also the address of Johnny’s home. When this fact is pointed out to Johnny by a visitor, Johnny let’s the visitor look inside his home and asks coldly “Does this look like heaven to you?”

Crucifix and mushroom with butterflies are from greeting cards.
Flowers, meat, and fetish mask found from online.
Body of fetish mask model is Cyndi Wood, Playmate of the Year 1974.
Centerpiece is from the album cover of Christian Death’s Catastrophe Ballet.

For more personal work done outside of class, click the “Outside Work” tab on my ePortfolio, or find me on Instagram @bestgoreedgelord


BLOODCLOT- a painting consisting of acrylic paint, flowers, candlewax, and a little human blood on a 8 x 10 canvas. Inspired by my blood-related health issues which result in fevers, dizziness, fatigue, loss of appetite, and other fun little things.

For more personal work done outside of class, click the “Outside Work” tab on my ePortfolio!