Rushing out my house and getting all my things together, I bump into my brother in law, ironically having seen him already the day before. As if many days had passed he jokingly asks “So, how have you been doing lately?” and I respond “Fairly good, definitely grew my hair out since I last saw you.” We proceeded to the train station so he can go to work and I can go to my Perkins Peer Advisement session. As soon as we walked down the steps after swiping our metro cards a train was there, so we ran in. I notice he was carrying his Magic casing with all his cards because he’s obsessed with playing against his co-workers. He is an IT and we began talking about technology. I then realized  I’m supposed to be doing my lab report and forgot my flash-drive at home. Rushing out the house makes it easy to forget to take little things like a USB.