Homework 1: Oracle 11g Architecture


Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain the processes that make up a database instance
  • Identify how DBMS processes use memory
  • Describe how the various DBMS components interact
  • Identifying and explain the components that make up the Oracle DBMS and how they interact
  • Outline Oracle 11g database file architecture
  • Shutdown and startup the database.

Homework 2: Basic Oracle 11g Database Administration


Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe when and how to use the Administration tab in Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) for 11g
  • Discuss the role of the database administrator (dba) in establishing and maintaining database security
  • Debate the use of default user accounts
  • Create database user accounts
  • Create database objects

Homework 3: SQL Review

Lab 3.pdf

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Basic SQL Commands such as SELECT, INSERT, CREATE TABLE, DELETE, DROP, etc
  2. Additional basic Commands such as LIKE operator (%, _), BETWEEN, IN
  3. SQL Table Joins
  4. GROUP BY and HAVING commands

Homework 4: Database Security

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Identify database security risks
  2. Discuss the role of the DBA in establishing and maintaining database security
  3. Understanding when and how to use Security Manager
  4. Create database Profiles
  5. Create database Roles

Homework 5: Backup (Cold and Hot)

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Determine appropriate backup and recovery techniques
  2. Compare and contrast various techniques for backing up and restoring large databases
  3. Explain archiving and archive logs
  4. Implement Oracle 11g’s backup and recovery tools
  5. Implement Oracle Utilities including
    1. Import/Export Utility
    2. SQL Loader Utility

Homework 6: PL/SQL Procedures

Lab 6.pdf

  1. PL/SQL Basic commands
  2. Implicit and Explicit Cursors