COMD 4900 Networking Event 1

For my networking event I attended a meeting by creative mornings on October 1st with the theme “dare yourself.” The event kicked off in a very lively manner, first greeting all the guests and with a music performance. After the performance we we’re allowed to communicate with the musician, Ana Barajas. Moving forward the speakers teamed up with a coffee company to deliver breakfast to a viewer and recorded the live reaction. From here the event started with a speech on being daring with your work  and everyone was prompted to speak with another viewer in a breakout room about one of our weaknesses in design. It was nice to interact with others and give my opinion as well as hear similar struggles other designers keep to themselves. When we got back to the main room we discussed our various passions and if we still incorporate them into our work among other things. What I took from the event was that you should always try to remain passionate and pick yourself up when you become stuck rather than stay that way.

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