Photo by Headway

Photo by Headway,

  • As I’m getting so close to graduate, and achieve my degree from the New York City College of Technology, I needed to find an internship as a requirement of my BFA program, also as an important part of my transition from a college student to a professional designer. With the help of my internship professor, I was able to join a non-profit organization located in NYC. I had the pleasure to experience the hiring process and was interviewed over the phone by the CEO and founder of the organization, after I emailed him a copy of my resume and a link of my online portfolio. Not long after the interview, I received an invitation to join the team on their work’s app, where I was assigned to set up an email by the head of the Communications & Marketing department to receive tasks. She had shared with me all the steps to set up the work email. Then, I received my very first task, which was creating 5-6 logos for the organization as a United Chapter Nation.I have completed my logo designs and shared them with my supervisor to review for any changes or suggestions. Meanwhile, I was assigned to design a few more logo mock-ups for the organization.

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