When I decided that I wanted to expand my audience, I noticed on Facebook people have an option of joining or creating groups through social media creating smaller communities.

People were comfortable with sharing pictures and personal stories, and Facebook looked like an avenue that can begin my audience expansion. Discussions include people who enjoy and pursue good health with their own regimens. Physical fitness is generally achieved through correct nutrition, exercise, and enough rest.

I decided to use social media as a marketing tool for my expansion. This facilitated my communication with fellow bloggers as well as provides a possible idea for my blog. I started a blog, Fit and Food Me that restores a connection between your mind, body, and heart. Fit and Food Me thrives to obtain a world where every person can be accepted for the best they can become physically.

By doing this, through fitness and nutrition my audience can evaluate for themselves the benefits yoga and diet will rehabilitate your lifestyle choices. I would like to see Fit and Food Me combine all different types of communities incorporating their health and eating choices. You will examine whether you can maintain health through daily activities.

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