My Last Email :(

My last day at Alexis Bittar was a bittersweet moment. I’ll miss Ricard, Jill, and Emily, they were all so nice to meet and they helped me out a lot. This is an experience that I would never forget I learned so much from these people. Yeah I was an intern but now looking back I was apart of the team.  Majority of the emails, gifs, home pages, that I created for both Carolee and Alexis Bittar were used. When I say majority I mean like 95% of the work I gave was approved. With that being said, I wasn’t there for no reason, even though my job was minuscule compared to what Richard had to do, my work was still taken very seriously. I appreciate Richard for everything that he taught me, I never thought that I would be comfortable working in Photoshop, now I prefer it over Illustrator sometimes (which is a first).

Here’s my last emails for Carolee:

Gifts From the Staff!

It’s getting closer to the ending of my internship and honestly I couldn’t be more happier, not because I hate interning here, but because it’s a reminder that I’m closer to actually getting to work in the field.

Friday was the same as usual, working on emails, and home pages, for Carolee. I noticed that in the beginning I was working more on Alexis Bittar stuff, than Carolee stuff, now it’s the other way around. I think it has to do with the fact that Carolee is going through a rebranding process. Richard told me that around January that they will be closing down the website and bringing it back with a whole new logo, website, and jewelry!

It was a nice surprise when I got an email from Jill (head of the marketing department) she asked me and the other intern Madison to come to the kitchen. When we got to the kitchen there was pizza and salad, and Richard, Patricia, Geoffrey, and Emily was there also. I was confused at first until Jill explained to us that she would be on vacation the week that we were suppose to leave so she wanted to have a going away lunch this week so she wouldn’t miss saying goodbye to us. I thought that was really sweet of them to do. It made me think that what I was actually doing was important to them.

To top it off they gifted Madison and I Alexis Bittar jewelry! I was so close to crying in front of everyone but I didn’t want to make it awkward lol! I got earrings and Madison had gotten a bracelet. What really made my heart melt was the card that they gave me, everyone signed it and said how sad they were to see me go. I was surprised one, and two it made me realized how much I doubt myself, and pick apart every little thing. To be honest I thought that no one really cared. This just reminded me that I need to give myself and other people more credit than what I already do.

Deconic Holiday Card!

I was asked to design the Deconic Holiday Card which is the company that owns Carolee and Alexis Bittar. I was excited because it was different than what I normally do. Which is…. drum roll please…. you guessed it EMAILS! I was really surprised that Richard asked me to design it, only because he showed me the one that he designed for Alexis Bittar which was beautiful, and all I was thinking ws how come you’re not designing it? Any way his design gave me some inspiration of what they were looking for.

I personally wanted to go for more of a winter wonderland theme lol, but Richard felt it was a little much and told me to try something more classic, he wanted it to have a vintage feel. I’m not going to lie I was having the hardest time finding the perfect font for the card. I wanted it to be perfect, this card was going out to every person apart of the Deconic brand, I was stressing a little bit. In the end it all turned out fine, I was really pleased by Richard reaction when he seen my card. He loved it!

The arrangement of flowers was all done using photoshop and illustrator, I added those two little design things (couldn’t come up with a nam for them sorry) to make the type stand out more. The font that was used for “Happy Holidays” was Baskerville.

Meet The Pros

Today I went to a Meet the Pros event, this was the first one I ever went to and I’m glad I did. The speakers at the event were Keni Thacker, Chris Phillips, Andrew Berard, Emely Perez, and Mo Osunbor. They are all designers at J. Walter Thompson.

Emily Perez was the first one to speak she’s the Senior Editor, and Illustrator for J.W Thompson.In fact she was actually a student at City Tech and helped start the whole Meet the Pros events. She was even the captain of the Art + Design Club. Emily spoke about how you don’t necessarily need a high end education to make it in this industry. She began to show her work that the created, one that stood out to me was the one she did for Walmart. Which was a a campaign that focused on being more environmentally friendly for the Holidays. SO what she made was bag for Walmart the converts into wrapping paper, and the handle on the bag can be used as a ribbon. What I liked most about this project is that it’s not something that you normally see from companies. Normally companies promote products and price markdowns, never really about how you can help the planet while also saving money.

She also mentioned this program that she attended after she graduated which MAIP, which is a program that promotes diversity in the advertising Industry. She recommended that it would be a great experience for anyone who wants to build their portfolio, and get experience in the field.

Someone in the the crowed asked “What if all they wanted to do was animate, do they still need to know about all the other aspects of design?” What Emily said was really great, she told him that “it’s always good to know about typography and graphic design even if the only thing you do is animation. If you only focus on one thing you only become a pair of hands. You wont get the experience of collaborating and actually being APART of a project. Instead of actually putting in suggestions and contributing, you will forever be told WHAT to do instead of being asked what do you THINK?” I thought that was something that stuck out to me a lot, because no one wants to be just “a pair of hands” I think thats what’s so satisfying about being a designer, having the ability to say you had something to do with the project, and you help execute the idea.

Another thing I notice was that she was the only women on the panel, which made me wonder a lot about the lack of diversity in the Design world. That was another thing I found interesting about the event was that they did focus on social issues and what it’s like to be a person of color in the field. A lot of the people that were at the Meet the Pros event asked a lot of questions about diversity in Advertising.

Andrew Berard was another person I thought had a cool story. He started talking about the process of actually getting the interview with big companies, and making sure you stand out from every other applicant. He started to go on about how it was hard to find a job after he graduated, and that no one was emailing him back. So intead of going the “corproate” route he started sending different companies emails about why he loved pizza.

He created this pizza box and inside was strips of reason of why he loved pizza on the back of the strips of paper we’re links to his portfolio site. Which actually landed him and Interview at Sagmeister & Walsh. He said he didn’t get the job, but it didn’t, it got their attention, and gotten him an interview at one of the most prestigious Design Firms. He told us “the next time we go on an interview it’s good to explain your work, but get to know the interviewer and ask them about what makes them happy, because people love to talk about themselves, and you will leave an imprint in their heads.” This was probably one of the greatest advice I ever gotten about getting a job.

Overall the experience was great, it open my eyes to things I never even considered. I’m glad I went.


My Internship (PART 3)

I’ve been working on a lot of Carolee emails and homepages this month which is cool I guess. I was asked to create a gif for their homepage. Which was pretty different from the usual emails (I know I sound like a broken record). I prefer to work on Carolee emails more than Alexis Bittar emails because I’m allowed to be more creative with Carolee. With AB I normally just get an image of a model wearing the jewelry already and just have the resize the photo, and place what ever copy they want me to on the emails. With Carolee I more images of the jewelry and I have control on how they should be arrange but also the sizing too.

Here’s a homepage I designed that was uploaded on the website.

I think the reason I’m allowed more creative freedon with Carole is because AB is a more established brand than Carolee. Carolee is actually going through a rebranding, which Richard is doing. He asked if I could help him find any new fonts for the new Carolee logo. I was pretty excited because, finally something different and something I love doing. He showed me some of his logo ideas, me and him both agreed on one that we both liked. That was probably one of my favorite days there, one reason being, is that it was something more fun than email, and another reason being it was nice to know that he wanted my help on a huge project.

Cooper Hewitt

This was my first time ever visiting the Cooper Hewitt Museum and I can honestly say that it was a good experience. What I found most interesting about the museum is the fact that it wasn’t like “normal” museums, it was different. What I mean by that is, nothing was in there was the same, like, there wasn’t a cohesiveness between the works that was there. Normally when I go into a museum somehow the art that is in it all flows together, even if each section is different, they all just seem to work together. With at the Cooper Hewitt I didn’t get that vibe. Each section of the museum stood out on its own, not flowing, or “coming together”.

Now you can look at that as a good thing or a bad thing, I personally think it’s a good thing. I can say that even though everything was so different, each piece in the museum all had one thing in common, and that is innovation. No matter the era of time each piece was made, the work was considered to be pushing the boundaries of what good design can be during that particular part of time. Maybe that is the “theme” of the museum and I’m just now realizing it.

With all that being said, the work that was in the Cooper Hewitt was beautiful, there where pieces in there that confused me, and pieces that were exciting to look at. I think that’s what so beautiful about visiting museums, and galleries you’re not going to understand certain things but it doesn’t matter you can appreciate the beauty of it. Overall, the Cooper Hewitt Museum is a place I will definitely revisit.

Here’s some of my favorite pieces that were in the Museum:



Alexis Bittar Catalog

I was asked by Richard and his boss Jill to Design the Alexis Bittar Fall Catalog. I was excited about it, something new from the usual day to day emails. I had to basically get rid of all the old jewelry that wasn’t in stock anymore and arrange the remaining pieces in a way that looked aesthetically pleasing.

Richard explained to me that the catalog would be used for boutiques who are interested in having Alexis Bittar in their store. They take all of the Alexis Bittar last season pieces and sell them for fraction of the price. The catalog would showcase what was left over and what type of material and color that was still available.

Honestly it was a long process I couldn’t for get one piece of jewelry or the colors they came in, then I had to write each scu number which was (for lack of a better word) ANNOYING! In the end it was all worth it and I was happy with what I made. I was even more happy that it was being used and actually being sent out to the boutiques.

Here’s some of the pages from the catelog



And More Emails, OH and Boredom!

I think if I look at another email I’m going to go blind. Not only that I feel like I’m being ignored most of the time. Not by Richard he’s cool, but the other girls I’m interning with doesn’t really pay me any mind and neither does anyone else. I’m only spoken to unless they need me for something but other than that silence. It get boring staring at a computer for 7 hours without any other form of communication. I’m pretty bored.

I get really excited when I get to do promotional emails, this is the most creative I get to be. I’ve been working a lot on Alexis Bittar emails which can be a little boring sometimes. Basically all I’m giving is a photo with a model and her in their jewelry. All I do is place the image on photoshop and add the text. It’s not like I’m really doing anything exciting.

Here’s the email promo I made for AB.

Emails! Emails!

Honestly I never thought I would get tired from looking at an email promo. It’s like once I think I’m done with one there’s 10 more right after that. It’s cool seeing that they use my work on their site. We have this email calendar that shows the photos and the copy I’m suppose to use and what day the email should be up. Alexis Bittar and Carolee both have a certain style which I can’t really be that creative and try to step out the box. I just use the photos and edit them however I think looks best then add the copy. They already have a certain type size and font for each email so I can’t really get fancy with the type. I also help design the banner ads home  page graphics for bith brands website, but I have to use the same images and type like the emails so it’s not much of design difference, I just resize and reorder things. For example, here are both Alexis Bittar and Carolee emails that I designed.


I like both I just wish I could do more.

I was excited when I was asked to Design an email promo for Alexis Bittar’s sample sale at IC. Richard told me to keep the font the same but I was allowed to change the size, and design a background, I was so excited to finally do something some what different.

My Internship (PART 2)

So far I’m becoming more comfortable here, I finally go a key to get into the office. Richard has helped me out a lot, I thought I was pretty good at Photoshop but he’s been teaching me so much stuff that I never knew, it’s great. I’m only here for two days out the week Thursday and Friday from 10am-5pm. I get to choose when ever I want to go on break and when I could leave, which is pretty cool, but I stay until 5. I get to dress how ever I choose, obviously I can’t come in with pajamas, or sweats, but I can wear jeans and sneakers. The interns have their own little section, so it’s me, this girl name Madison, and another girl name McKenzie. We both intern for different departments in the company.  The office is all on one floor it’s really spacious and open so basically everyone is all in one space, there’s rooms for meetings but other than that everything is pretty open.

Normally I come in, check my emails to see what I’m working on for the day, then I get to work. I’m giving an email Calendar for both Alexis Bittar and Carolee. The email calendar shows what image and what copy will be used for each day of each month. What’s a little annoying about the email calendars is that they are constantly changing meanig if I designed an email for the next week, it might get scrapped and I have to create a new one. I guess that’s apart of any design job, but it’s still annoying.

If I need any help I ask Richard. I go on break around 2 and come back at around 2:30 or 2:45. I come back and work on emails, from time to time Richard comes over and checks on me to see what I’m up. When I’m finished with my work I get to go home.