As the pandemic has changed how people do and go about their business, so has the internship that I have undertaken things such as work attire and how you would dress are not a main staple when it comes to this position. A typical workday would officially begin at 10 am, but I would usually start 10 to 15 minutes early to get my files together and get the jump on some work that I didn’t get to finish the previous day. After getting some early work done, I would usually hop on to the “Basecamp” site and view if I have any new messages or check my inbox to see if there are any new emails that would provide insight on any new changes to the work that I am doing such as edits, photo variation for the work or different various chooses that the client may like to see in the work. 

From that point, I would touch base with my supervisor on “Basecamp” to get active new assignments that would either be linked to me or found on the home screen, or we would review the work that I am currently working on. Throughout my day, which is typically a four-hour day of mainly working in InDesign, making posters, banners, flyers, and/or broachers, using the visual brand guideline as a template to get most of my work done. But, as overall work culture, even though we are mostly home base, I believe there is still a hands-on approach to this internship where I feel, I get the chance to learn how to go about making work in a system where most of the work being generated all look like there are coming from the same person or place.