Throughout my time in this internship, the idea of having someone that is well-vised with how the business of being a cog in a well-run machine is done is something that is at first was a bit of a difficult thing to do at times, when making work that already has a visual brand guideline in which most of all the work that the collective does has to mostly look like it was made by one person. At the beginning of this internship, the idea of making a poster seemed simple to me but after reviewing the work that I saw throughout their visual guidelines and with the guiding hand of a few senior members, I soon realized that there are various things that go into making works that are under a branding guideline. The beginning stages of an assignment are always a breakdown of what is being asked of you to do, whether it’s a poster, flyer, or giving different versions of the project to give clients options as to what they would like.

With every assignment and/or project given to me, I am relieved that an open line of communication is necessary when trying to get an assignment from beginning to end. There will be various versions of that one assignment and various edits given to you from supervisors and/or clients, making you aware of issues such as following a grid, spacing, and changing photos. What I learned from my experience with both the various supervisors and clients is that patience is key when approaching this line of work when starting a project with a brand such as this is being aware of the various details that go into making various posters, flyers, brochures, and banners while also being aware of the needs of managing the work that is being asked of you and being open to the changes that are needed of you.