Type Specimen Book Project – COMD3527- Advanced Typography

Type Specimen Book Project

With this project I made a Type Specimen Book where I used different fonts for each letter and I found information of these specific fonts. I found information such as who made the font what year the font was made and just information on how he came about with making and designing the font. I added color to each page so that the book won’t come out as plain and simple I wanted to make it look interesting.

Photo 1 Final Series

This is my Final project. My topic for this project has to deal with nature! So I went out into the world and took a bunch of photos dealing with nature. The camera I used was my Samsung Galaxy S9 phone. I mostly took pictures of trees because trees are a big part of nature and trees help us give oxygen so that we can live and breathe. I took a picture of the sunset because the sun is also a part of nature it helps us give vitamins, and also cars represent nature because it deals with oil and gas which Is also another part of nature.

Photo 2-COMD3330

This is a photo of a tennis ball on 2 forks and this is representing high-key lighting.


This is a picture of a tennis ball and it represents split light photography. I had the lights off in my room and I used one flashlight I put the flashlight on one side of the tennis ball and the other side with no light source so that way one side is lit up and the other side remains dark so then it becomes a split light.