The brooklyn bridge “fact and symbol”

In alan tracgtunberg prolougue in the ” brooklyn bridge fact and symbol” he frist describes how it is to see the brooklyn bridge from diffrent perspectives . how it is to see it from brooklyn hieghts, chinatown or even up close . and how is each diffrent perspective has a diffrent affect on the viewer. therefore depending on where you are looking at it, it symbolizes something else. and it means something diffrent to you. then anyone else. then he goes on to describe the architectural aspect of the bridge. and how the design of bridge afffects someone who owuld be walking it. and how it gives that person an actual experience wheteher they notice or not. the kind of experienc that is unique to brooklyn and not many places have and could talk about.

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  1. Hakim B says:

    In the prologue of “Brooklyn Bridge Fact & Symbol”, written by Alan Tracgtunberg he discusses how to view the Brooklyn Bridge from different perspectives or angles. The Brooklyn Bridge is pretty big and long so spotting it shouldn’t be too hard, just make sure it’s the Brooklyn Bridge and not the Manhattan Bridge. He explains that you can view the bridge from Chinatown and Brooklyn Heights. He says it depends what angle your viewing it from because each angle represents something different. As well as if your walking on it your going to get a different perspective of the bridge. You don’t expereience the Brooklyn Bridge unless you actually see it and experience what it has to offer.

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