Updated: Essay 4 locations and research questions

For Wednesday’s class, you were asked to identify the location within walking distance of City Tech that you would like to use for your research essay, and to draft a question that could focus your research. Please reply to this post with your research location and question. I will offer suggestions, and I encourage you to do so as well.

UPDATE: at this point, you should have identified your location, drafted and refined a research question, and begun drafting a thesis statement and outline of your essay. We will continue working on this in class.

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9 Responses to Updated: Essay 4 locations and research questions

  1. manoli94 says:

    The Barclays Center and my thesis question is how it will effect Brooklyn an the area around it since its been 55 years since a professional sports team has been in Brooklyn.

  2. Hakim B says:

    I am also choosing The Barclays Center because for some reason out of everything else it attracts me more. due to the fact of how popular it’s becoming. This is great for Brooklyn because it brings more attraction to the area and it gives you the option to do more in my hometown. My thesis is how come after all these years they finally decided to create such a fantastic place in Brooklyn?

  3. Maou says:

    I am choosing the Fort Greene park, as I have always passed by it and to be honest, I feel as though it is calling out to me, so I am interested in researching it. I don’t know much about it, but that is the point of research, to learn more about something. My research question is: How has the creation of the Fort Green park furthered the growth of Brooklyn as a whole? I know it has had some impact of brooklyn’s growth and it intrigues me as to how it has done so.

  4. kochatorn boonmark says:

    I chose the brooklyn navy yard as my location, ever since i read “reading lucy”. I thought the brooklyn navy yard would be interesting place to research on. My research question is What was the impact on brooklyns economy and society, after creating the Brooklyn navy yard?

  5. tazad8912 says:

    I am choosing Brooklyn Borough hall as my location because its a icon from Brooklyn’s past and present and contributes to everyday society in Brooklyn. My research question will be what are the origins of Brooklyn Borough Hall?

  6. I have chosen to do the Brooklyn Navy Yard because it has a lot history behind it. It attracts me to find out more about it’s past. My question would be how has the brooklyn navy yard had animpact throughout brooklyn’s history?

  7. uzairbaig says:

    For my research topic i chose the brooklyn navy yard. i was inspired by Reading lucy and i want to learn more about the brooklyn navy yard. my research question is what is the history of the navy yard and what did it do in order for us to win the war?

  8. Santacruz says:

    for my Reseach i have choosen the Brooklyn Bridge. it is an interesting work of art, that still stands today, connecting downtown brooklyn to manhattan. i still havent fully developed my reseach question but i will keep you posted on my brainstorming.

  9. kennay says:

    I have choosen Brooklyn bridge as a topic for my research because after reading Phillip Lopate writing, it made me want to go there to look at the view. I haven’t walked the bridge for quite a while and I forgot how the view looks like.

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