Pepsi was not always known as Pepsi. When Pepsi was first made it was called “Brad’s Drink”. It was made by Caleb Bradham in 1893. In 1898 the name of the soft drink was changed to “Pepsi-Cola”. He came up with the logo which was a quick script in red. As the years passed by the script became easier with a simple typeface to read but remained its red font.  In 1905 the Pepsi-Cola name was put on the bottle cap so it now had a logo which is called the Pepsi globe. The globe consists of the colors red white and blue swirling on the cap. They picked those colors to support World War II and little did they know this would stay in the future designs of Pepsi. Pepsi dropped the cola in the name and stayed Pepsi.  The logo took more changes throughout the years keeping the Pepsi globe and changing the typeface whether making it fit in the globe or bigger to be on top or the bottom. Because Pepsi is so well-known, they dropped the name and kept the swirling design of red white and blue.