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Letterpress printing is a process of printing from the surface of a raised image. The compositor gets and locks the movable type into the bed of the press, inks it and press paper against it to transfer the ink from the type. This process contains four stages which are composition, imposition, lock up and printing. Composition also known as typesetting is when all the movable type pieces are put into the desired text. After selecting the individual type letters you place them in a composing stick that can hold several lines and transfer them to a larger type galley. Next is the imposition, so the compositor gets the type being converted into a form that is ready for the printing press. So imposition is the technique of arranging the pages and depending on the size of the paper several pages can be printed on the same page. When printing is done they are cut and trimmed before they are folded or binding. Low-height pieces of metal furniture create the blank areas on the page. Lock-up happens before printing which is when the printer moves the cords holding the type together and a key locks the entire complex of type with the blocks and furniture and frame into place. Last is the printing there is on person that put the ink on the press so when the type presses against it the ink gets picked up and one person to work the machine pulling the lever to apply the paper to the press.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

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I chose this quote because I have the greatest bestfriend in the whole wide world. we been bestfriends since 2007. this quote is relatable because the way I see it sometimes really intelligent people don’t have a lot of friends or a friend that is there for them. So to be an idiot is to have many friends and someone who can be by your side acting an idiot with you. This quote is also relatable because we both like SpongeBob.

This quote by Bruee Lee caught my attention the first time I heard it, many people I know don’t understand this quote and why I like it so much but this quote just speaks to me. Water is shapeless and when you put water in something it takes the shape of that object no matter what it will become that object. This relates to me in life because of the obstacles and struggles I have had to deal with and overcome. I became water and adapted to the situation being able to get over them and become stronger from learning.

I chose this quote because I have been judged and been beaten down when it comes to things I want to try and do. People shoot me down and don’t believe that I can do it because I am small or because I am a girl, so I believe in myself and I have the support of my parents and sisters and bestfriend and I believe in myself even if its a little bit it pushes me to do better and to achieve what I want to achieve without anyone holding me back.