1. Marketing Research

Operating as a statistical writer and research analyst in music streaming research firm, deciphering how was the public was streaming their music in the fall of 2017 using a mixed sample size of 50 participants.

Music Streaming Research Firm
Music Streaming Research Firm Handout PGs

Stream Team Marketing Presentation


2. Advertising

Operating as the Media Planner identifying the various media platforms that would best advertise the Rolex Brand, and maximize the impact of the campaign through the use of media range avenues magazines, billboards, and airports in the bounds of the U.S.A.

Rolex Advertising
Rolex Advertising Presentation

Rolex Ad Proposal 

3. Visual Merchandising

Operating as the Designer, creation of the Haute & Hoot mix & match jacket concept, sourcing textiles and trimmings and composing pricing for each garment’s completion.

Haute & Hoot Product Development Paper

Haute & Hoot Product Develop Presentation