Welcome to my ePortfolio!

My name is Revital Tsypkin, I was born and raised in Israel. In 2003 my parents decided to move to the United States in order to give me a better future. I graduated high school but I wasn’t sure where my path will take me. As I started college I knew I wanted to work in a medical field.  I decided to become a dental hygienist because of my  desire to help others. When I got my acceptance letter to the dental hygiene program I was very excited but I didn’t know what was coming. The past two years as a dental hygiene student were extremely stressful but also joyful and rewarding at the same time.  I learned a lot about my self and what I can do. My interaction with my classmates, professors and patients help me improve my communication skills.

Here you will find my hard work and achievements as a dental hygiene student at New York City College of Technology.  I hope you will enjoy 😉




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