3 Interesting Projects

Project 1: WiFi controlled car with camera
It’s really cool – being able to move and watch from the perspective of a toy car, which adds a Toy Story feel to it. It’s an awesome example of how to implement an interactive robot using a microcontroller. By powering a wireless router with a battery, the robot is able to move freely without any limitations caused by a wired design.

Project 2: Nerf Sentry Gun
As seen in movies and games alike, a real-life non-hazardous version of the famous sentry gun. The idea of this project seems really fun, especially if you have experience with Valve’s Team Fortress 2 and Portal, which is where I would suspect that these students got their idea from. With this automated sentry gun, you’ll be able to set it up and prank your unsuspecting friends, pelting them with many soft suction-tipped nerf bullets.

Project 3: Arduino with Wii nunchuck
Instead of having to control your project with a preset program or computer interface, this project uses a wii nunchuck to control two motors that make up the head. A joystick allows for improved great human-computer interaction when implemented correctly. A wii nunchuck has two buttons, an analog stick, and a build-in accelerometer. The robot head can be controlled with either the analog stick, or accelerometer. I want to emphasize that human-computer interaction is very dependent on interface. The better the interface, the better the understanding the human has with the computer.